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down to custom [12 Mar 2018|12:16pm]


Hi guys, name’s Burke. You can find me at Reavys’ Diner most mornings, serving up the coffee and bullshit. Me ’n’ the regulars have some pretty interesting little “fireside chats”, as I like to call them. Topics vary according to whoever's sitting at the counter. Come on down and see what I mean. If you’re not a morning person… well, you’re a coffee person, right?

Today's topic started with "How did we ever get by in the world before Google?" From there, we moved along to discussing the weird things we've Googled, and what comes up when you Google your own name. So come on, weigh in! Let's hear from ya.
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[06 Mar 2018|08:51pm]


Comment here if you’re around and you want me to start a chatzy :)
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