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customs give away: give one, get one limited time offer!!! [17 Jun 2018|09:00pm]


HI GUYS!!! I am...not new to the area but I don't think I know nearly enough amazing people, and want to change that. Soo if you are social, we should chat! or get coffee..or tea...or something. Yeah? If not, have this fun and exciting buzzfeed quiz that can't possibly know the classiest thing about me just from creating a fancy meal. Can it?
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[15 Jun 2018|05:11am]


hey there, this is max, she's new. she's moved into town in the past couple of years and works for the local NPR affiliate, OPB. maxima is pretty fun, likes to try new places to eat and drink, enjoys shopping. she has a big of a shopping habit which she pays for with freelance stories and a blog. she could use some friends and confidants in the area.
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[14 Jun 2018|11:50pm]


Hi everyone, I'm Sam a cop here in town. I'm a patrol officer and a part of the water rescue team. I'm sorry if you know me from a speeding ticket. Just slow down and you'll see my face a lot less.

Anyways, it's summer and frequent calls we get have to do with BATS. You hear something banging around in your attic or a closed off room and you call the police thinking somethings going on. So here I come to check it out and as usual I'm not shocked to find a bat flapping around trying to make his way out. So here's a pro tip: if you spot a bat inside a location turn off the lights and open as many exits as you can and remain calm. Bats see about as well as we do but at night they listen for insects and unless you have a population of insects inside your home they will hear the insects outside and gladly head out to their version of a buffet. Problem solved.

Here's some info on building bat houses if bats are a serious problem for you build them a house so they stay away.

I'm not a bat expert. But if you speed I will pull you over. If I'm on foot patrol at the festivals and you're publicly intoxicated you will get a citation so just keep it together.

Also, I'm not shouting that's just my voice.
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